How well do you understand our Constitution?

President Larry Arnn discusses the continuing relevance of the Constitution.



May 30, 2013

Constitution Minute #6

STUDENT: Hello, I’m Matt, a student at Hillsdale College. Here is Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the continuing relevance of the Constitution.

DR. ARNN: Many argue today that the Constitution is outdated because it addresses problems peculiar to the eighteenth century. Some parts of the Constitution do read rather quaintly. Consider the injunction against titles of nobility in article one, section nine of the Constitution. But is that so outdated? The purpose of the injunction is to prevent the government granting special privileges to some for partisan reasons. This strikes at the heart of the rule of law. The crony capitalism so common today is a place where the government bestows favors and tax dollars on some businesses to give them a leg up over others. This is exactly the kind of thing the Constitution was meant to prohibit—the Constitution is not so outdated after all.

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